Strengthening Our Economy


The key to strengthening our economy is to diversify the number of major industries in the state and to re-invest in the average Michigander. To give our state, and by extension our people, a better chance of surviving turbulent economic times requires the economy to become reliant on a greater number of industries, as opposed to less. Years after the Great Recession of 2007, many Michigan communities in the Thumb are still struggling after the collapse of the auto industry in Detroit. Afterwards it became clear that Michiganders felt, and continue to feel, as if there is no recourse for the decisions that end up costing workers their jobs, their wages, their pensions, and their very way of life. These same workers, those that power our great economic engine, feel as if their voices are going unheard. It's time we start listening. As your Representative, I believe that the worker is worth not only listening to, but protecting. That the person who dutifully heads to work in a thankless job, day after day, absolutely deserve protecting. If we listen to the needs of the worker and supply them with the tools they need to complete their job, then Michigan can once become an economic powerhouse like it was decades ago. To do so we need to look to other industries and start working smarter, not harder, in strengthening Michigan's economy. As your Representative, I plan on kick-starting economic growth in the state by:

  • Fostering a culture of economic and business growth with accessible infrastructure and an educated, skilled work force.
  • Passing legislation that protects micro-businesses and allows entrepreneurs to easily and safely grow a business to be both profitable and on the books.
  • Utilizing the growth in the outdoor recreation and tourist industries by utilizing available grant money for local communities to develop environmental and related projects.
  • Re-instating Net Neutrality laws and repealing laws that restrict municipal broadband to encourage market competition and reduce operating costs for consumers and businesses.
  • Repealing right-to-work laws that limit our workforce's ability to unionize and allows companies to reject their duty to paying our workers a fair living wage.
  • Ensuring that our public school system offers an education relevant for those students who choose to work in a skilled trade or in the agricultural industry.
  • Holding corporations accountable for paying their fair share to keep our state functioning and running smoothly and ensuring they are held accountable when they act against the people of Michigan.
  • Ensuring that companies provide their employees with their work schedule well in advance so they can better coordinate their personal lives to complete the tasks they need and to spend time with their families.
  • Passing right-to-repair legislation to allow consumers to utilize and modify the products they purchase for their own need and to ensure that farmers can continue using expensive equipment without worries of finding funding for new machines year after year.