As the son of a elementary school teacher, I see and hear the struggles children and teachers face in the classroom. Educators have to deal with schools being chronically understaffed and underfunded while students battle outdated technology, a lack of appropriate educational and health resources, and even crumbling facilities. This lack of support creates an unequal school system that favors those heading to college while leaving those interested in trade skills without an option. A system that ends up supporting schools in affluent areas while draining resources from those schools that need the resources the most. I believe its time we put an end to this.

I fully support not only the educators that prepare us for the future, but also the students that become our future. As your Representative I will work to ensure that students are receiving the quality education they deserve. I believe that the school buildings they learn and grow in should be secure, up to date, and have access to the resources they need to succeed. In order to get this quality education, we need to retain the quality educators we have now, while also attracting the next generation of teachers. With the proper investments in our teachers, students, and facilities we can make Michigan's workforce the most creative and productive in the nation.

I believe in:

  • Re-focusing our educational priorities to ensure that all students, and not just those going to college, are prepared for the next steps in their lives. I will ensure that students who want to get involved in a skilled trade have the access to resources and educational opportunities to better prepare for that future.
  • Increasing funding to rural school districts for specific use in counseling services. With a lack of mental health care access in rural regions of the state, I want to ensure that our children, teenagers, and young adults have access to the mental health care they need by offering services through our public school system.
  • Defending our teachers by protecting their rights to unionize and by ending the war on their pensions and wages that is waged by their own government. In order to attract the future of teachers, we need to begin now to ensure our teachers are paid a fair wage and pension.
  • Public funding for public schools. I believe that charter and voucher schools take resources away from the administrators, teachers, and students in our public schools while also forcing education to focus on testing-for-funding as opposed to educating our students with the skills they need to succeed.
  • Giving educators the freedom to try new pedagogical techniques and classroom methods. This allows educators to find ways to create a stronger connection with their students while also giving students the knowledge they need in ways that they can best understand.
  • Leading our communities to rally behind our schools. It is important to not only fulfill the financial need of schools, but to also create ways for the communities to connect with and help their schools when needed. This creates a closer relationship between our schools, and the resources they offer, and the people that live in the district.