Mighty Mac

Protecting Our Land & Water

The state of Michigan is surrounded by the largest source of fresh water in the world: The Great Lakes. These lakes are supplied by thousands of miles of rivers and springs that wind through Michigan's beautiful forests and wetlands and touches every part of our lives and our environment. These valuable resources keep us fed by offering fish and wildlife for us to catch and hunt while also bringing in valuable revenue from visitors who come from down the street or across the globe. I want to protect our woods and water from greedy corporations, invasive species, and overuse to ensure all generations can enjoy Michigan's natural beauty while also strengthening our local economies.

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    Strengthening Democracy

    For democracy to remain healthy and accessible in Michigan, I believe it's time we see a change in how we vote and who leads us. A change in leadership that actually listens to their constituents and creates policy guided by the people, for the people. I sincerely believe that in democracy, every person has a voice in the say of their government. That's why I want to enact policies that make it easier for constituents to keep in contact and engage with their local leaders, and one another. I also believe it is time we take a second look at how we hold elections in Michigan and make it easier for the average person to cast a vote while also keeping our ballot boxes secure and our elections fair.

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    Expanding Our Economy

    In order for Michigan's economy to continue the upward trend it's on, we have to diversify our economy. A diversified economy can allow Michigan to remain robust and a beacon of economic leadership even during the shock of a falling national economy. The knowledge and skill to diversify our economy is already here, it's only a matter of unlocking that potential. In order to do so we must create a culture of innovation and re-investment.

    The best way to create this culture is by passing legislation that protects our Internet; by enforcing laws on the book that protect the rights of workers to earn a fair wage for their work; and by re-examining laws that unfairly restrict growing industries.

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    It's no secret us Michiganders are angry about the state of our infrastructure. Year after year we sit in traffic avoiding pot holes or orange barrels. While we appreciate the hard work put on by our road workers, it feels as if the roads return to ruins in no time. Beyond our roads we, as a state, still have to address the water quality problem that not only persists in Flint, but threatens other communities. Fortunately, Michigan has the tools and resources to move forward. To not only repair the problems of yesterday, but to create a brighter tomorrow.

    We have the potential to repair our local and state-wide infrastructure while also expanding it. It's time to utilize that potential.

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    The key to ensuring that Michigan becomes the nation's leader in innovation and growth is education. We should be giving our children the highest quality education we can so that when they graduate, whether that be from high school, trade school, or college, they are prepared for the future. That our teachers and students are given the proper educational tools to not only address and repair the problems of yesterday, but to also better prepare for the world of tomorrow. The first step in creating this workforce starts in the classroom with properly funded schools and teachers that are paid a wage they deserve.

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    Marijuana Legalization

    I had the pleasure of living and visiting a handful of states that have legalized marijuana. I've talked to police officers, dispensary owners, and average folks on how legalization has hurt, or supported their local communities. The evidence is clear: common sense regulation on marijuana can not only help bolster local communities' economies, but can also create new sources of revenue and offering potential medical benefits. With the growing support behind legalization, it's clear that the marijuana industry is becoming a legitimate source of income and medical help. With careful consideration to laws and proper funding for education and enforcement, we can reap the benefits of legalization while also clearing the unfair criminal records of thousands of individuals and legitimatizing millions in potential revenue.

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